What You Need to Know About Dental Filling Options

dental filling

Most people have been trying to reduce consumption of sugar to maintain their oral hygiene. Having the right dental filling is helpful in restoring a broken tooth.

Preventing tooth decay

Tooth decay is prevented by flossing and brushing teeth on a daily basis. Apart from flossing, it is also advisable to reduce the intake of processed foods and sugar in your diet. Foods rich in sugars include processed foods, sweets soft drinks and fruits. The use of dental flosses and mouthwashes rich in fluoride is also helpful in preventing tooth decay.teeth decay

Types of filling materials

There are different types of filling materials on the market today. These include tooth-coloured composite fillings, gold cast, amalgams and porcelain materials.

Amalgams (Silver fillings)

This is a liquid that consists of metal alloy and mercury mixture. It is mainly used in filling cavities that result from tooth decay. Amalgam consists of copper, tin, silver, mercury and trace metals. However, the presence of mercury in this mixture is likely to pose numerous health threats and concerns.

Tooth-coloured composite fillings

They are also known as composite fillings or white fillings. They are widely used in filling the posterior and anterior teeth. This paste is used by the dentist to replace the damaged parts of a tooth. It is mainly used in fixing the front teeth that have been damaged by decay. This filing is suitable for teeth having strong dental resins.composite fillings

Longevity of fillings

Filing can last for long provided they are well marinated and well monitored. Composite fillings or amalgams have an average lifespan of about three to five years. Porcelain or composite fillings can last for up to ten years. Proper flossing can extend the longevity of filings and brushing teeth. This can also be done by reducing the consumption of sugar and visiting the dentist regularly. In fact, filings should be checked after every six months. Individuals who are interested in knowing more about dental care are advised to consult professional dentists.

Risks associated with teeth filling

The deep filling can lead to tooth sensitivity. Normalcy is restored after filing, but this can take a few weeks or days. Root canal treatment is done when pain or sensitivity persist from deep filling. This filing might break, chip, loosen, or freeze over time. The filing is highly recommended for replacing dental crowns instead of filing them. This is done to reduce the risks associated with fractures.…