How to Manage Arthritis Pain When You’re a Frequent Driver

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Living with arthritis is different for every patient and symptoms can vary daily. Different treatment and management options exist depending on the type of arthritis you have, its severity, and where you’re affected. The joint stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis can make frequent driving difficult. Stiffness makes it difficult to turn the steering wheel, depress […]

5 Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

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It doesn’t matter whether you work from home, in an office, or factory, if you don’t take control of your health, work can get very toxic. More than five hours spent sitting down in the same place could take a toll on your body. When the workload becomes too high, the body sends out warning […]

5 Tips to Prevent Injuries When Exercising


When you drop a weight on your foot or fall while you are running, you know exactly how and why you were injured. But when there isn’t an obvious reason for your exercise injuries, you find yourself limping to a bench and wondering what went wrong. So how do you prevent these kinds of injuries […]

Why You Need to Wash Your Hands in a Pandemic


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, most people are doing everything they can to stay safe. They are canceling events with big crowds, staying inside to social distance, and wearing masks when outside. However, one key aspect may be overlooked in the process of stopping the COVID-19 outbreak: washing your hands. […]

Gut Health: Why It Matters and How to Improve It


The gut microbiome or gut flora refers to the network of microorganisms in our intestines. Generally, a person has around 300 to 500 different species of bacteria in our gut. And while some of these bacteria can be harmful, a lot of microorganisms living in our digestive tract are actually incredibly beneficial. Gut health has been linked […]

5 Important Tips for Men’s Health


Taking care of your health as a man can be difficult. Thanks to the many stereotypes surrounding being male in the western world, a lot of people still associate being a man with needing to be “strong,” “unemotional,” and of course, you can’t eat a salad when a heart-clogging steak is available. (We’re joking, of […]

5 Habits for a Strong, Healthy Mind and Body


Today, more than ever, people of all ages are embracing healthier lifestyles that address both the mind and body. The desire to live longer and feel younger while doing so has prompted a demand for more and more information about eating better, being more active and controlling stress. The past decade has seen the increased […]

How to Stay Healthy When You’re Stuck at home


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned us all into couch potatoes for a few weeks now. While several people would rather stay inside anyway, this current lifestyle could last for months. As a result, staying home could become a chore rather than a restful period for everyone’s safety. Not to mention, people are working from home, they’re away […]

5 Tips for Heart Health


A healthy heart can make a huge difference in our overall health, but how do we keep our hearts in great shape? Here are five, easy-to-accomplish tips for excellent heart health. Quit Smoking If you don’t smoke, you’re already off to a great start. If you’re a current smoker, one of the best things you […]

How Does Scoliosis Affect the Body?


Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve to the left or right, creating a C or S Shape. Scoliosis is fairly common, particularly in adolescents, with roughly three million new cases per year in the US. The spinal curvature is mostly known for distorting the ribs, but in reality, scoliosis can affect […]