How To Make Your Child Therapy Office Welcoming for Patients

Child Therapy Office

Therapy can be scary and intimidating to new clients. It can feel especially overwhelming to a child. If you’re a family therapist or even a social worker looking to help your younger clients and their parents feel more welcome, it’s a good idea to put extra thought into how you design your therapy office. Not […]

3 Ways To Improve Your Medical Services

Medical Services

As a medical service provider, you have a responsibility to offer the highest quality of care possible for the good of new patients and existing patients alike. The healthcare system has plenty of areas it can improve in, and if you want to play your part, it can be done with big, sweeping steps that […]

How Seniors Can Save on Healthcare

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In the United States, seniors pay more for health care and medical supplies than any other demographic combined. What’s more, as seniors advance in age, they may struggle to afford medical care due to their decreased earning capacity. A 2017 study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, ERBI, found that U.S. couples retiring at […]

Why New Mothers Should Consider Life Insurance

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Any new mother wants what’s best for her child. Sometimes, when a baby is firstborn, it’s hard to think about the long-term future with the immediate present needing our attention. With diapers to change, pump bras to buy, and while juggling pump straps with how to be a great mama, it can be tricky to […]

How To Proceed if You’re Injured at the Workplace


Occupational safety is a major concern for business owners who are responsible for providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Employees subjected to dangerous conditions face a higher risk of injury while on the job. Even with the right preventative efforts, work injuries can occur. From strains and sprains to broken bones and […]

How To Determine What Stage of Menopause You’re In

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Menopause occurs naturally in women who are typically over the age of 45. During this time, women experience a variety of menopause symptoms and ultimately the end of their menstruation cycle. The exact symptoms observed, and at what age, varies from woman to woman. If you believe you’re experiencing the onset of menopause but are […]

What to Do If an Employee Is Injured in Your Kitchen


Even if your restaurant has a safety program in place, and all of your employees are super careful, accidents happen in the kitchen from time to time. However, as a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is to be taken to court or to have to pay out workers’ compensation through your insurance company […]

Careers for Health Enthusiasts

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Staying healthy is something many of us strive for, with varying rates of success. This is why adding a physical activity or healthy habits to our routine is usually a favorite among New Year’s resolutions, despite the fact that so many people have trouble sticking to it over the course of a year. For others, […]

3 Things You Should Know About Medical Malpractice

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The world of healthcare certainly isn’t perfect, and sometimes even the heroic medical professionals of the world can end up failing to meet the accepted standards of care with their patients. If you’ve been on the receiving end of this failure, then all is not lost. Thanks to the wealth of helpful online resources available […]

Finding the Right Insurance for Your Healthcare Needs

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To people of other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States’ model of healthcare insurance may seem a little perplexing. Unlike their National Health Service (NHS) into which the taxpayer funds the British Government to pay for the resources and equipment, the American health care system is funded by the patient directly, as […]