3 Reasons to Choose Berkshire Therapy Group

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During unconventional times in the middle of a relentless pandemic, it’s not a surprise that more people than ever before are reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression. This has driven many people to seek the help of support groups, therapists, group therapy, and online therapy in order to address mental health concerns.

While these times are certainly a challenge for many people, the great news is that there are counselors and therapists out there in fantastic agencies like The Berkshire Therapy Group. If you’re looking for individual therapy, group therapy, or to learn your options when it comes to any therapy group, read on for reasons why a call to Berkshire Therapy Group might be in order. The following are just three reasons why one phone call to a Berkshire therapist could make a world of difference to you.

1. Options


One of the biggest reasons to choose Berkshire Therapy Group is because of the countless therapeutic options they offer. Not only will you be able to pick from a variety of therapeutic styles and modalities, but you’ll also have choices around how your supportive environment looks. Whether you’re hoping for group therapy, online therapy, or weekly individual sessions, you’ll have many choices when it comes to how you go to therapy.

A great thing about Berkshire is that not only do they offer mental health professionals with a variety of important specialties but they’re also trained to work with people with all levels of needs. Where one client might suffer from a mild anxiety disorder, another could have serious mental health conditions in combination with substance abuse issues. Because of the level of training Berkshire therapists have, the counseling center is able to handle all levels of care.

2. Professionalism


Berkshire therapists can work professionally with you to help you identify resources, learn skills, and expand your personal support system no matter what issues you’re dealing with. Whether you need a therapist to talk to in combination with medication or you’re simply looking for a caregiver support group, therapists at Berkshire can either help you themselves or make a referral that will work better for you.

With years of experience working with people from all backgrounds, Berkshire counselors can offer everything from intensive family therapy to mindfulness practices with professionalism well past mental health service industry standards.

3. Focusing on You


Berkshire health professionals understand that therapy sessions aren’t about them. No matter how professional and trained they are, their focus will be on you. That is, instead of telling you how to live your best life, their focus will be on encouraging you to define who you are. They can help with things like finding your passion, recovering from depression, and redefining dreams and goals.

Berkshire therapists know you matter, and they can help you to believe it again, too. If you’re struggling with motivation or bad routines, they can help you develop great self-care habits that will add up to a better quality of life and mental wellness. Focused on your unique life experiences and life story, these trained professionals can offer a variety of resources that you’ll be able to depend on long after therapy ends. No matter what your therapeutic goals are, Berkshire counselors will teach you to make decisions on your own outside of the therapy room.

At the end of the day, whether you’re struggling with pandemic fatigue, want better social skills, are experiencing triggers from grief, or need addiction treatment, making a call to Berkshire Therapy could be a great start toward your recovery process. Not only do you deserve it, but the therapists there are waiting to help you.

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