5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Wear Sunscreen

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The sun is a great source of vitamins, vitality, and energy for the body. However, prolonged and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays can severely damage our health. More so, with COVID-19 still in full swing, it’s even more vital to keep our health in top condition. Hence the need to wear sunscreen all year round. If you still need convincing about the importance of sunscreen, these five crucial reasons will help.

1. Sunscreen helps to protect against skin cancer.


Skin cancer is now prevalent worldwide. While some cases can be managed, some are more deadly. Luckily, wearing sunscreen will guard your skin from harmful rays that cause melanoma (skin cancer) and significantly reduce the risks of contracting any other type of skin cancer.

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2. It prevents uneven skin tone.

If you’ve ever been sunburnt, this point will be relatable. By simply applying sunscreen when you’re going out, you can avoid uneven skin tone and brown spots that result from sunburns. In addition to using an adequate amount of sunscreen before stepping out, it’s also advisable to wear the right clothes.

Opt for cotton blend long-sleeve shirts, capri pants, or ankle length pants that’ll protect the skin from sunburns and harmful UV rays. Numerous reliable online stores offer full-length apparel at affordable prices. However, Chico’s stands out for their quality, full-length ankle pants that you can wear both in the summer and winter.

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3. Sunscreen prevents your skin from aging.


One of the major causes of premature aging is harmful exposure to the sun. When ultraviolet rays repeatedly hit the skin, it causes more harm than good. Yes, the sun is a good source of vitamin D, but that should be obtained early in the morning before 8 a.m., and a little sunscreen should still be applied.

4. It protects your skin from UV rays.

We all look forward to summer to finally be able to get a healthy tan. However, melanoma experts say there’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Sun exposure can cause melanoma because the harmful rays affect the way your body controls pigmentation. Sunscreen helps to block such harmful rays and keeps your skin healthy and hydrated.

5. It’s convenient.


We know that wearing sunscreen can protect the skin from sunburns, aging, and skin cancer. However, the best part is how convenient it is to use it. Some people don’t like rubbing lotions or spending extra hours slathering their bodies with sunscreen after applying their regular moisturizers.

There’s a solution for that, though! There are sprays and even moisturizing creams that now contain sunscreen, so no excuses! However, don’t get confused about the SPF content. The minimum amount should be 15, but anything more than 50 may not be that necessary or effective.

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