5 Tips for Heart Health

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A healthy heart can make a huge difference in our overall health, but how do we keep our hearts in great shape? Here are five, easy-to-accomplish tips for excellent heart health.

Quit Smoking

If you don’t smoke, you’re already off to a great start. If you’re a current smoker, one of the best things you can do for your heart is quit. Smoking increases your risk of heart disease and decreases the amount of oxygen your body receives. When you’re a smoker, your risk of heart attack is double that of a non-smoker. Thankfully, this can be reversed. Only one year after you quit, your risk is cut in half, and within 5 to 15 years, your risk of heart attack returns to normal. If you’re serious about your heart health, take steps to quit smoking, and don’t become discouraged if it takes a few tries. Check with your health insurance and see if they cover smoking cessation. You can compare health insurance online and see which plans would cover it if you’re currently switching insurances.


Reduce Your Salt Intake

Reducing the amount of salt you consume can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease. When you cook at home, don’t add any extra salt to your food and buy items like unsalted butter that don’t have any added salt. When you’re out to eat, avoid foods like French fries and anything on this list. Just being aware of your salt intake could make a huge difference. Most people don’t even realize the amount of salt they consume daily. Make a few small changes and you’ll benefit your heart.


Stay Active

Physical activity has incredible benefits on your heart health. The American Heart Association recommends adults complete at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, or 75 minutes a week if you’re completing vigorous activities. You should also try to lift weights or do resistance training at least twice a week. As you start to work towards this goal of 150 minutes a week, you’ll notice a difference in your energy, stamina, and strength. Even just spending less time sitting every day can be great for your heart health. If you work in an office, see if you can get a standing desk, or just make sure you take a walking or standing break at least every 30 minutes. Implementing small changes in your daily activities will help you live a longer and healthier life.


Get Informed And Keep Others Informed

Just being aware of your heart health can be extremely helpful. Have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked frequently and be aware of your numbers. Talk with your doctor about ways to help your blood pressure and cholesterol. If you’re worried about your heart health and the potential of a cardiac arrest, you might even want to make sure your medical professionals are ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certified. With this certification, your doctor or nurse will be able to provide life-saving emergency support if you need it. Tell the medical professionals in your life to visit https://emedcert.com/ so they can become certified.


Maintain Great Dental Health

Your dental health can actually make a huge difference in your overall health. The bacteria that live in your mouth can increase your risk of heart disease. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and visit the dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and exam. If your current health insurance doesn’t include dental care, you should add it. When you have dental coverage, your preventative visits are almost always covered. Compare health insurance with iSelect and find one that will provide you with the right coverage.


Our hearts are extremely important to our overall health. Keep your heart healthy by making a few small changes and you’ll see huge benefits.

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