5 Tips for Increasing Your Penis’ Size

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Research shows that the majority of men are concerned about the size of their penis, and if given the opportunity, want to increase its size. Luckily, several options can be explored to increase your penis size. These options range from surgery to exercises designed for enhancement. You can learn about all your options and then make a decision based on the amount of time, money, and resources you want to commit to this endeavor.

Here are five tips for increasing the size of your penis.

1. Have surgery

There is a surgery to increase the length of a penis that involves cutting the suspensory ligament that holds the penis to the pelvic bone. Removing the ligament will make the penis extend farther from the body. While you will still be able to get an erection, it will not point up anymore. It is the pull from the ligaments keeping the penis attached to the pelvic bone that causes the penis to go upwards when having an erection. While surgery always comes with risks, it is similar to other cosmetic surgeries, and you are guaranteed results.

2. Manscape

Shaving your pubic hair is a fast and straightforward way to make your penis look larger. While you don’t make your penis larger, being able to see the entire shaft to the base of the body will enhance its appearance. Manscaping is also a great way to make your testicles more defined, which will also increase the overall appearance of your penis.

3. Use penile extenders

Anything on the body can be stretched. You’ve probably seen images of people who have extended their necks, lips, or ear lobes using devices that pull the skin and then hold it in a stretched position over an extended period. There are devices you can use to stretch your penis. You put the device on when you are unaroused and leave it on for several hours each day. Although it may take months to start seeing results, you can stretch your penis to make it longer. Although you will get results, they may not be as drastic as you would like considering the process you will be going through to get those results.

4. Lose weight

While losing weight won’t make your penis larger, ti will make more of the penis visible by pulling away bulging skin in the pelvic area. There are cases of extreme obesity where the male experiences what is called “buried penis syndrome,” in which the bulging skin around it covers the penis. Losing weight and getting in shape will pull away excess skin and tighten the area to make the penis completely visible. Losing weight will also increase your overall confidence and self-esteem when it comes to sexual activity and naked appearance. Even if you are not increasing the size of your penis, you may stop worrying about it if you are feeling good about the way you look.

5. Use the PEMethod

The PEMethod is a series of exercises that require no special equipment and can be done in the safety and privacy of your home that will enlarge your penis and show visible results in as short as a couple of weeks. This method has been highlighted in multiple men’s magazines and supported by many testimonials. You can avoid the pain and expense of surgeries, fillers, and extenders by trying the PEMethod. Details of the PEMethod are kept secret until you are ready to utilize them to protect the integrity of the company. However, you can go to the PEMethod website and read dozens of reviews and testimonials of the results other men got when using the method.

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