6 Ways to Feel New Without Losing Yourself

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Anyone can reach a point in their life where things feel dull. Following the same routines for years can cause boredom. Unexpected events can take an emotional toll. When your life feels like it’s spinning out of control or needs a shake-up, you may feel like you need to be renewed. You don’t have to quit your job, move across the country or start a new relationship to recharge. There are a number of things you can do that will make you feel like a new person without changing who you are.

1. Hair Care

Changing your appearance is a way to exert control and make a statement. A haircut can help you feel fresh and bold. Studies have indicated it can be good for your mental health. Men and women benefit from social interaction during a haircut. You can also opt to spice things up with a clip-in ponytail extension for a special event. Those who are bold may want to dye their hair or get a perm. Men can opt to have their beards trimmed by a barber. You may also pick up some grooming tips from your stylist that can help you feel better about your appearance every day.

2. Take a Trip

Vacations can improve your mental health. They can help with depression and are proven to reduce stress. They also offer an opportunity to explore a new place and try new things. Pick a dream destination and cross some things off your bucket list. Ride camels in the desert or kayak down an estuary. You can also pick a favorite place you haven’t been to in a while. This can be a nice way of revisiting cherished memories. If you aren’t sure where to go, head to the ocean. Studies have proven that visiting a beach can help improve your mood and combat anxiety.

3. Escape Through Theater

Pick up some Broadway Tickets and immerse yourself in a live show. Live theater is engaging. One of the big differences between theater and movies is that the performers are right in front of you. You’re watching the story unfold before your eyes. Theater offers a shared experience with the audience as well as the actors who are on stage. You’ll be part of a large audience instead of possibly being with a handful of moviegoers. Being part of a crowd can be energizing and during intermission, you may bond with others over your shared experience.

4. Change Your Social Circle

One of the reasons you may feel bored is because you don’t have much social interaction. You may also feel drained by unhealthy relationships. Are you constantly listening to other people’s problems or trying to help them fix issues in their lives? You can block, mute or unfriend people who are causing you stress on social media. Start making plans with other people you feel nurtured by. If you recently moved you can join a book club or a group that focuses on a hobby you enjoy to meet new people with shared interests.

5. Redecorate

A home makeover can be a great way to shake things up. Redecorating can be a good distraction. Specific color palettes are known to affect our moods. You may even want to take a course or do some reading about how your choice of colors and furniture layout can influence your mood. Feng shui and Reversible Destiny are some of the popular philosophies that can offer insight into home design. You don’t have to paint the walls to freshen things up, either. Get some new curtains and cushions to add some spice to your rooms. You can also add some art to the walls to give a well-used room a fresh look.

6. Invest in Yourself

Learn a foreign language. Sign up for guitar lessons. Make a list of the things you always wanted to do. You may not be able to change careers and become an astronaut, but you can visit a telescope and learn about astronomy. Expanding your skills is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll enrich yourself. You may even reignite a personal interest that you forgot about. Avoid activities that other people choose for you and choose something for yourself. This is a way of reminding yourself that your interests are valid and it will give you a chance to feel reinvigorated without losing yourself in the process.

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