Common Tattoo Removal Pricing Guidelines

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Tattoos have become more mainstream over the years. Everyone has their reason for getting a tattoo, be it cultural, personal, or purely decorative. Not all tattoos are a great idea, and though they are permanent, it is possible to remove an unwanted tattoo. The removal process is different for every person. The size of the tattoo, the shades of inks, the age of the tattoo, and the skin type all affect the number of sessions and the overall cost of tattoo removal.

Not all tattoos are easy to remove.


Older tattoos and those with fewer ink particles are easier to remove than newer tattoos. Black, brown, dark blue, and green inks are easier to remove. Larger tattoos with darker shades and more colors require a greater number of sessions than small tattoos with lighter pigments. There are some common side effects with tattoo removal including discomfort, swelling, blisters, and the risk of scarring. These side effects make the removal process more difficult for those with darker skin, skin conditions such as eczema, or health conditions that affect the skin. You may need to explore alternative tattoo removal methods. Your healthcare provider may be able to prescribe medications to prevent a flare-up from a tattoo removal procedure or refer you to a dermatologist for more options.

How much does it cost?


The size of the tattoo, the color of the tattoo, and the age of the tattoo all determine the cost of laser tattoo removal. Most insurance companies don’t cover removal because it’s a cosmetic procedure. The expertise of the technician, the type of laser being used, and the complexity of the tattoo also factor into how much laser tattoo removal treatment costs. It can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per session, far more than it cost to pay a tattoo artist in the first place.

Fresh Start Laser Clinic aims to safely remove unwanted tattoos in the least number of sessions for the most affordable removal cost. During a free consultation, a tattoo removal specialist will assess your tattoo and categorize its size. How much is tattoo removal? Their pricing model is based on the general size of the tattoo—from extra small and small tattoos to medium and large tattoos—to ensure a fair laser tattoo removal price. No matter the pigment of the tattoo ink or where it’s located, the total cost is determined by the size of the tattoo.

How does laser removal work?


Laser tattoo removal offers the best results for removing unwanted tattoos. Technicians usually use a Q-switched laser during laser treatments. This type of laser sends energy through a strong pulse to heat up and dissolve the ink particles in your skin. The removal process requires multiple laser treatments over several weeks for the most significant results.

Colorful tattoos are more difficult to remove and may require a different tattoo removal treatment that uses different wavelengths. Those with light skin tones are good candidates for traditional laser tattoo removal, while the Q-switched YAG laser treatment is better for those with darker skin tones. You’ll need to follow the aftercare instructions given by your technician for the best results. Aftercare typically includes the application of antibacterial creams following laser sessions, keeping the treated area clean and dry, avoiding exposure to sunlight, and leaving any scabs or blisters alone.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t the most pleasant experience and is likely more painful than getting the original tattoo. Most removal offices have pain control methods available such as topical numbing cream and local anesthetic.

Laser technology makes it possible to say goodbye to unwanted tattoos. The fewer sessions you need, the lower the laser tattoo removal cost.

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