Does Penis Enlargement Work?

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Face the facts, fellas. All of us have thought about making our Johnson’s stand a little prouder, but few of us have actually done it. There’s no shame in wanting to be bigger, especially down there. Probably what’s kept you from actually doing anything about it, is the doubt surrounding its effectiveness.

There are several reasons why men seek out enhancement: they’re suffering from sexual dysfunction, they want fuller erections, they hope to increase their sexual activity, etc. Whatever your personal reasons are, let’s take a look at some of the common ways men try to enhance their southern extremity and see if any work and are right for you.


Any guy growing up in the 90s will remember Austin Powers swearing “it’s not mine, baby.” But we all knew that he was trying to make his shagging even more epic with a penis pump. They come in several varieties such as vacuum pumps or aqua pumps. They are meant to become part of your daily activities in the bathroom. Pumps are promoted to increase the size of the chambers that hold blood in your penis. And though some studies have shown that they can do this for a period of time after consistent use, they can lead to tissue damage with overuse and aren’t proven to make your penis larger long term.


Very similar to a pump would be a penis ring or clamp. Rings go around the base of the shaft once you have an erection and are designed to prevent blood from leaving the penis. These, too, are also supposed to make the chambers of the penis bigger. Much like the pump, these can also give temporary girth improvements but have no longevity to their erection increasements.


The workout for your privates. Jelqing refers to a penis stretching exercise in which you try to create mini tears in your penis. Similar to the way we tear muscle fibers and allow them to heal to create bigger muscles, jelqing follows the same principle. A major difference is the tissue of the penis isn’t muscle fiber and the tears don’t heal the same way. Some doctors argue that when jelqing is overdone or improperly done it can create issues like erectile dysfunction.


Yep. You read that right. There are now surgeries, with field-specific surgeons, designed to enlarge your penis. A more common form of this surgery involves placing a Penuma, a crescent-shaped medical grade silicone, under the skin of your penis. In the successful cases, these have increased both the girth and length of the male shaft by nearly 1.5 inches. Unfortunately, infections can happen and the Penuma can also rupture, though this is rare.


This might be the most saturated market. Which means several things. First, more people believe that what is in the pills actually work. Second, more people are trying to copy what actually works with products that are cheap rip-offs. One of the most popular supplements on the market would be Erectin. A more in-depth look at what the supplement is like can be found in this Erectin Review. It discusses a study conducted by Leading Edge Health on the effects of Erectin. It, as well as some other supplements, have been shown to increase libido, thickness, and erection length. Depending on the extent that you want to lengthen your manhood, supplements might be the solution you are looking for.

Well gentlemen (and those curious ladies out there), those are the most common forms of male enhancement. Each has its pros and cons. Consider how much risk you want to take and pick the solution that works for you.

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