Healthy Living Advice for Seniors

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Retirement and the golden years are stages of life that many middle-aged people look forward to. For some seniors, their lives are filled with travel, visiting grandchildren, and spending time with other seniors engaged in recreational and leisure activities. These active seniors are often healthier than those who stay less busy. In fact, many health care professionals and senior caretakers claim that senior citizens who stay busy are the happiest and most physically fit. If you’re a senior, love one, or are thinking about how you’ll spend your retirement and golden years, read on for ways to stay healthy and mentally well.

Finding Home


One of the most important things any senior can do for their physical and mental well-being is to live in a place they feel good about and that meets their needs. The great news is that there are many retirement communities out there for senior citizens with varying levels of care. Whether you’re a senior who is fully independent and hopes to take group trips and craves daily recreation or you need assistance with daily living, there’s a retirement community facility or room out there for you.

When doing what you can to stay healthy in your golden years, do what you can to find a living situation that inspires you. Start with making a list of the things you’re interested in and ways you hope to spend your later years in retirement. Finding a home in a location you enjoy, with the right level of care for you, and that will work for you as you age are all ways to stay less stressed and healthier as time goes on.

Recreation and Travel


Nearly as much as regular check-ups and proper use of medications is the importance of self-care and doing things you enjoy as an older adult. Maybe you’re someone who loves American IPA and getting together with friends for a poker tournament. Perhaps you love a nice glass of wine and painting with friends. Whatever your interests, maintaining old routines that made you happy is a good way to feel younger and healthy, too.

If you’ve lost your sense of purpose or interests, one way to feel better is to think about activities and people you once enjoyed. Maybe you were a big reader but haven’t opened a book in years. Joining a book club could be great for you. Perhaps you loved traveling with kids. A Google search for senior citizens with adventurous spirits who love traveling will bring up many groups and options to choose from. In short, to stay healthier, it’s important to stay active and connected to things you enjoy within reason.

Honoring the Past and Present


Like carrying on great self-care habits, it’s important to be realistic about your past, present, and future. Taking time to set health and leisure goals is a nice way to give yourself hope for the future. Maybe you’re hoping to lose weight to improve your high blood pressure. Investing in a fitness tracker is one way to make your health a priority. Perhaps you have regrets about missing out on those travel opportunities in the past and worry that your health will decline soon. Taking those trips now and reminding yourself that it isn’t too late to make yourself a priority is a great way to embrace your golden years.

Making a bucket list of destinations can even be a good inspiration to focus on your health now. Getting in shape to take a trip with the grandkids could be a great motivation to pick up old healthy habits to carry into the future. In the end, by staying busy, living in a place that fits with your personality, staying in touch with friends and family, and engaging in habits and interests that you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to stay mentally and physically well.

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