4 Unusual (All-Natural) Ways to Relieve Stress

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Stress isn’t good for anyone. Being stressed out causes irritability, anxiety, weight fluctuations, and psychosomatic responses. Not only is stress unhealthy for the individual, but it makes peers want to stay far away from negativity and unpleasantness. The circumstances that lead to creating stress may not be controllable, but responding to these circumstances can be controlled. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, try these four unusual and all-natural ways to relieve stress. 

Guided Imagery 

Guided imagery is a great stress management technique. Think of it as a vivid daydream that takes someone to their happy place. Guided imagery can be done independently or with the use of a guided recording. With eyes closed walk through a peaceful scene, think about all the sensory experiences that would occur, and be open to feeling as if actually in the scene. 

If mental visuals don’t work, try actual visuals and find fractals. Fractals are naturally occurring repeating patterns in nature such as flower petals or spider webs. Studies have shown that natural fractal patterns can reduce stress levels up to 60 percent due to a physiological resonance in the eye. Certain types of artwork, architectural designs, and landscapes incorporate relaxing fractals. Become aware of patterns in surroundings and incorporate fractal-rich surroundings into daily activities. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

The next time stress starts to create tension in the muscles, try progressive muscle relaxation. Start with a few deep breaths then begin to tighten and relax each muscle group throughout the body from the forehead down to the toes. When practiced correctly, there should be a relaxing feeling flowing throughout the body. 

An alternative to muscle relaxation is to apply pressure to a point on the hand between the second and third knuckles of the finger. Run the thumb along the third knuckle of the middle finger (where the finger meets the hand) toward the palm and apply medium pressure. This will activate a nerve that relaxes the muscles around the heart that tend to feel fluttery when stressed. 

Keeping along with a holistic approach to stress management, regular spinal adjustments enhance mental well-being. Launchfit is a chiropractor in NYC that welcomes walk-in patients. Leading the way from pain to performance Launchfit is a fitness-focused sports medicine practice that uses various physical assessments to determine the most effective ways to help patients. 

Start Chewing 

Instead of clenching teeth together and risking lock-jaw from stress, try chewing a piece of gum or something crunchy. Chewing gum is believed to increase a positive mood by reducing the levels of cortisol produced by the body. Chewing can have an almost immediate effect on reducing stress. 

If there is no gum close at hand, try blowing on the thumb. When the air passage is blocked, blowing on the thumb activates the vagus nerve and decreases blood pressure and heart rate. A modified method is to blow cool air on the thumb. Blowing air will slow the pulse of the thumb and decrease the feeling of stress. 

Get Physical in a New Way

It’s not new information that physical activity can help reduce and manage stress. Walking, running, swimming, or any physical recreation you can enjoy can help release the burdens of the day-to-day. 

That said, some physical activities may not be so obvious. You might try something new like going to archery or trying around at the shooting range. Aiming and shooting are shown to improve coordination, increase balance, promote healthy adrenaline, and reduce stress. Going to a range may not be your first choice, but you may be surprised at the endorphins it releases. 

If you do decide to go to a shooting range, make sure to put safety first. Go to a trusted business with helpful support staff and training for beginners. If you end up buying a gun of your own, take proper care of it and store it well. The organization and cleanliness of your new recreational activity will make it more sacred, bringing you peace of mind.

If you’re unsure how to clean the case, you can purchase cleaning equipment such as a rotary tumbler from Frankford Arsenal. This tumbler is usable for beginners and seasoned shooting pros. Even the act of cleaning the case can reduce stress. Keeping your things shiny, tidy, and in order will help declutter your mind and help you attack the day. So while you’re looking to clean your gun case, your bows and arrows, or your bicycletreat yourself to cleaning the rest of the house, too.

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